Reverse Racism and Me

I was going to tell you all about my weekend excursions with Kenny B. But I’m not going to anymore. I’ll summarize it. I went out drunk. I got drunker. There were some super hot coyote ugly bartenders. Police roamed about. Large security force with metal detectors. Country music. Disco music. Rap music. Rock music. Super hot jello shooter girl. I suck at pool. I suck at wrestling games on PS2. We dug up worms. I suck at fishing. I chased a little kid with a decapitated deer head screaming “kiss the deer!” I suck at golf the worst. We got a Christmas tree. That was my weekend. Moving on.

My next topic: racism and why I hate your race. Ok, maybe I don’t hate your race, but I’m about sick and tired of hearing about how white people are keeping black people down. We aren’t. Black people in America: you have a culture based on ignorance and violence, so suck it and go to fucking school. And maybe if you have some extra time, learn to speak English.

Here’s what pissed me off enough to actually break the silence on this issue. It’s a dumb prick by the name of Tom Joyner. He’s this morning talk show host on one of the local black radio stations. I say “black” radio because it’s old school R&B, the sort that white folks don’t normally listen to. But I bet there are people out there who think that me labeling old shitty R&B music as “black” is a racist comment because it’s confining an art form to a race. Well fuck you. It is black music so kiss my ass, hardly any white folks listen to that genre. You know it’s true. And don’t even start with the whole “african american” thing. Screw that. Unless you were born in Africa, you aren’t “African American.” If I’m white, you’re black, end of story.

So Tom Joyner is the biggest racist windbag I have ever heard, and that’s including Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, who I will get to in a minute. Now I have to listen to his show occasionally because Al, the black dude at work, always plays it in his trailer every day. Foxy 107/104, music for grown folks. Yeah, grown folks who can’t think for themselves and need some racist asshole telling them to kill whitey. No offense to Al, he’s actually a really great guy.

Anyway, I’m pretty used to the usual hypocrital bull shit that comes out of this guys mouth. He’s always talking shit about white folks and “the man”, which is also white folks, and how the poor black man is being held down. I can deal with that shit. I know he’s just a racist ass hole who has a job because it’s ok for black people to be racist, but not for white folks. But I recently heard some propaganda of the racial nature that made my jaw drop. I couldn’t believe he had actually said it. Not because it was obviously racist, but because if a white man in the south had said the exact same thing, his career would be over. But of course pricks like Tom Joyner have built careers on such ignorance.

He was talking about the campain race to be president of the USA. As you may know, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are at the front of the democratic parties hopefuls. Tom Joyner was pissed because at the time, Hillary, a white woman, was ahead of Obama, a sort-of-black man. He urged his listeners to go out and vote for Obama because, and I quote, “We got a brother in the race for President. Come on black people, we need to stand united as a community and support our brother in his race.” Whaaaaaaaaaaaat? Fuck you dipshit. You can at least try and make it seem like you support Obama for his politics, not his skin color. If you really wanted to help your black community you might urge them to go read up on the candidates and find out which one supported the views and topics that each one of them supported individually instead of building the black community up as some sort of unified front that neither needs, nor has any individual thought.

Can you even imagine if a white republican had said the same exact thing about Fred Thompson? Or fucking Bush for that matter. Forget you political affiliation for one minute and just imagine if Rush Limbaugh has told his listeners to vote for Fred Thompson because they should feel obligated to support their white community over any political views he might have? It would be a media frenzy. Rush Limbaugh would be fired. Shit, look at how Don Imus got fired for calling a WNBA team a bunch of “nappy headed hoes”. Am I the only one who sees a drastic double standard here. It’s ok for black people to openly promote racial allegiance and partiality, and not only wrong, but possibly illegal for white people to do the same? I’m not promoting racism, I’m just pointing out how incredibly racist the leaders of Black America are. And fuck that shit.

Now on to my two favorite people in America. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. What a bunch of transparent racist losers. They have made names for themselves by attaching their faces to every slightly racially charged current event since they were born. Let’s take for instance the Duke lacrosse rape case. A black stripper from the shitty, predominantly black college of NC Central went to take off her clothes at a duke lacrosse team party. She saw an opportunity to play the race card and falsely accused three Duke students of raping her. It turns out, if I remember correctly, she had seven male DNA samples in her rape kit, and none of them matched the 46 out of 47 lacrosse players who voluntarily gave up their DNA. The one exempt player was black. Sharpton and Jackson were all over that case, they even offered to pay for her college tuition. And the three innocent students were not only kicked out of Duke, but the lacrosse team was disbanded. Now you look stupid don’t you Sharpton and Jackson. Yeah, you jumped on her side cause she was a poor black victim, but it turns out she was just a trashy whore trying to extort money from the rich white boys from the next college over by playing the race card. I never heard a single word from either one of them after it came forth that she was lying. Tools.

Case two: the Jena six. Imagine a bum fuck country town in rural Lousiana. Now imagine that town is racially charged with bad shit happening on both sides of the race line. Ok, so one white kid starts talking shit to a black kid, so he goes and gets five of his buddies and beats the white kid unconcious because of the racial tension. Now imagine 20,000 black people from across the nation rally to try and free these six wrongly imprisoned black kids. Fuck you black America, that was retarded. If six white kids had beaten a black boy unconcious due to racial hostility it would have been labeled a hate crime and they would have been locked up, and you know it. And on top of that, you wouldn’t have found 20,000 white people stupid enough to travel across the nation to march for their freedom. Why? Because white people aren’t allowed to support each other based on race. That and the fact that those six thugs were fucking idiots who lost their temper and now have to pay the fucking price. Deal with it.

Here’s the deal. I’m not sorry your ancestors were enslaved. I’m not sorry your ancestors had to endure the civil rights era. I’m not sorry that shit in America is still tense. I couldn’t give a fuck less about any of the hardships your race has ever endured. Why should I be sorry that my ancestors were far superior to yours? In fact why shouldn’t I be proud of that? The Africans were chucking spears at each other when my people had guns and ships that could sail the Atlantic. My ancestors conquered the globe while yours degenerated into a continent devoured by civil war, and an American culture dominated by ignorance, violence, and the same tribalistic mindset that got you shackled and shipped over here in the first place.

If you really want to keep bitching, pay attention in school, work hard, and make something of yourselves as a culture. You were so close. Many of you succeeded. But the loud bitchy ones are the ignorant ones and I’m sick of it. I’ve put up with too much bull shit for way too long, just shut the hell up cause I don’t care anymore. I won’t be polite. I won’t take shit from you. And I’ll be damned if I’m ever a victim of your crime again.

What crime is that you ask? Well I’ll tell you. I have been the victim of black on white hate crimes. That’s right, white people are the victims now. I was jumped by a gang of black men, beaten in the middle of a convenience store, in front of a camera, and the police did nothing. And this same gang had been patrolling the neighborhood picking out white men and Indian men to beat the shit out of. I was messed up bad. And that wasn’t the only time. Clear cases of racial targeting have happened to me a lot. And not just me, but also to both my little brothers, and to many of my friends. And not only violent crimes either. Almost every time I or anyone close to me has been the victim of crime, it has been at the hands of black people. I’ve had enough.

If it were up to me, I’d get rid of welfare. I’d throw every gang banger in fucking prison on forced labor detail. I’d fix this fucking violence and shut down all the bull shit I’ve put up with for so long. And just once, I want to pop a mouthy bitch right in her fucking lip when she gets all sassy with me and starts wagging her damn finger and bobbing her head. People wonder why the south is full of racism. It’s because the black people are so GD frustrating it’s hard to deal with for long. I dated a girl from New York city who said it’s not the same up there. But that’s how it is here. Obvious racism from black people all the time. And I can’t even fly a rebel flag without being labeled as some KKK member. Screw it all, I’m just sick of the whole situation. I wish people would just leave me the fuck alone. Fuck this situation, fuck your racial pity party, and fuck the racist mindset black America has themselves mired in. Victims? Hell no. Cry me a river bitches.


19 responses to “Reverse Racism and Me

  1. I agree with you… its a bit different over here but its basically the same blacks can call us white trash but we cant call them dumb dole (goverment wage thingee) bludgers that sit on their fat arses all day… infact one tv presenter paul holmes… he called some guy a cheeky nigger i think it was.. and he basically got fired over it AND he had to apologise on national tv…

    AND at work if any maoris get asked to open their bags they go all “its coz im black isnt it?” its so dumb.. and thers been a few racial beatings but i cant remember much except 4 one lil teenager that killed a pizza guy. the teen was a maori i think. and the guy was white.

    i dont like being all white is better.. as i have some maori relations but sometimes its like “can you just get over the fact that you sold us your land 4 blankets and we came out better off?”

    i would totally vote 4 you if you wanted to change shit.

    Excellent post.

  2. A-FUCKING-MEN!!!! Amen, my friend.
    These people are born in the same damned world that I am. They are presented with the same free K-12 education and choose not to take it. They have an EASIER time getting jobs thanks to the little ‘tick your race’ boxes on all the ‘equity’ employment forms. In Canada, people who have a drop of fucking native blood in them get PAID to go to university. But they still fucking don’t. So don’t cry to me and call me a white bitch when I refuse to give you my hard earned money from my shit job that takes up most of my life. Get off your ass and get one too, there’s more than enough to go around.
    History is just that….history. And it’s just the way it goes that one country/race/whatever the hell is going to try and beat the other one. It’s called nature. Everyone wants to win. We just happened to. Get over it.
    And why is it okay for blacks to call white people names and say shit like that radio guy? There’s about 64,832 examples of that that I can think of where I can’t say certain things, but a ‘visible minority’ can go ahead and it’s called being ‘proud of their heritage’. But it seems I can’t be proud of being white. Due to political brainwashing, that’s now just plain out racism and I should go beat myself.
    Fuck you political correctness.

  3. Josh, will you marry me? I’ll get you into Canada, where it’s not quite so bad. Still though, ‘Black Prom’? Kiss my fat white ass, yo.

  4. theblacksentinel

    You people are funny. You should really either read up on things that you speak about or get out of the trailer park for a minute and visit a L-I-B-R-A-R-Y. Let’s just dispel some of your ill-logic for a minute.

    1. Obviously you don’t listen to Rush Linbaugh because he did just what you said he couldn’t get away with. He played a song called Barack the magic negro in which he said we (whites) shouldn’t vote for him. Gee I guess he didn’t get fired.

    2. Duke Lacrosse case, how about the thousands of cases where whites are lying on blacks. That is a constant, why don’t you look it up, you would be surprised.

    3. Jenna 6. How about the day before the white boy was beaten a black kid was beaten by 4 white boys at a party who also knocked him unconscious while hitting him on the head with beer bottles. But I guess that was ok, and not one of them was charged with attempted murder. How about the day before the black kid got beat up at the party, one of the white kids pulled a gun on the black kids at a convenience store. No they didn’t even arrest the guy. Now no one went to Jena to protest punishment, they went to stop over punishment. Equal punishment, if the white kids didn’t get attempted murder for the same crime then….

    4. You obviously don’t know your history. While your ancestors were still eating raw meat in caves, blacks were living in small communities harmoniously. We had the first universities, metallurgy, medicine, architecture, writing, mathematics and life itself originated there. So get real, just because we didn’t feel the need to be a violent race of idiots sailing around harassing folks. Your ancestors were obviously so damn lazy that they couldn’t do their own work and had to get other to do it by force. If the African’s and the Native American’s hadn’t been so damned peaceful they would have killed you sickos on sight. But alas, they didn’t due to their benign nature.

    5. Yes, I agree get rid of welfare since white women are the majority of welfare cases, try doing a little research. Also, a race of criminals would be the white race since according to the Department of justice crime stats whites committed more crimes than any other race. Wow, I guess they should come out with a white on white crime saying for the news, since there is more white on white crime than black on black. But you wouldn’t know that since you don’t read very much which is obvious.

    Maybe you should take your own advice and go to school a good education is a terrible thing to waste. Yet we see that first hand by reading all of your tripe that you undoubtedly did extremely little research in preparation of an intelligent post supplying some basis in reality or real facts.

    I don’t have much faith that you would be brave enough to post this, but at least TRY and read this as it might serve to educate you.

  5. For the first time, I’m not gonna take the funny route. I’m an ethnic minority, and GOD OH GOD, how many times have you read on my blog that my culture irks me at times, or can you probably tell that I’m an individual who would never appreciate being defined by the Indian/curry broad-brush? Or by the historical experiences of my ancestors, whether good or bad?

    What I mean is, people should be judged for their actions, plain and simple. You can be black, white, brown, purple, green or magenta, but if you are an asshole, you should be judged as an asshole. There is nothing wrong with being proud of your race or heritage, but people who use that as a crutch or an excuse for anything at any time SHOULD be punched in the fucking mouth.

    You rock.

  6. The Queen: Yes, I was very curious to hear what the state of race relations are in NZ. You live all the way across the planet and it sounds like the same crap as over here. I suppose it’s just one of those things about human kind that we will never really get polarized cultures to get along in peace and harmony.

    King Steve: You too brotha.

    Talea: It’s very reassuring to hear I’m not the only white person who finds it all very irritating. I was worried I would get a wicked backlash from my online friends. What do you think about a white history month?

    Emerald: Yes, I will marry you, especially if you can get me into Canada. And “black prom” sort of sounds like a good idea. I had to listen to waaaaaay too much rap at the prom I went to. I wouldn’t mind a rock and roll prom. If only white chicks in high school didn’t like such crappy music. Like the Pussycat Dolls and R. Kelly and shit. Suck a chode bitches and let me rock like I want to. (not you Em, you’re cool) (unless you just really enjoy sucking chodes, in which case, we’ll talk later)

    The Black Sentinel: So glad you could join us to keep vigil over the internet for the safety of cry baby black folks with skewed opinions. Lets review.
    1- No I don’t listen to Limbaugh, he sucks ass. But his magic negro song sounds funnier than David Allen Coe covering Johnny Rebel.
    2- Whites aren’t lying on blacks. Person for person, black people just commit a much higher percentage of the crime, so boo friggin hoo.
    3- I don’t give a shit about the Jena six or the kids in that town, screw them all. I’m just pointing out how white folks don’t go rally around criminals to get them set free for hate crimes. Boo hoo again.
    4- White folks conquered the world. You may have beat us at the start, but if you want to make this a contest, we are clearly winning. And you are so right, Africa is the picture of harmony and peace, you know, minus the constant civil war and genocide.
    5- Way to know some bull shit statistics. This one almost gave me a boner it was so retarded. You are a minority. An extreme minority. There are even more latinos than blacks in America. So with a whopping ten or twelve percent (I don’t know or care) of course white people will commit more crime and take more welfare. There are a whole lot more of us. I would love to see the numbers compared side by side with minority/majority number skew accounted for.

    I did absolutely no research for this post. I got pissed off at years and years of people like you whining about how you are poor defenseless victims of the evil white man while all I see is more and more black violence affecting my life as my city grows. And since you want to take blows at how much balls I have, how about this, do you have the balls to admit the black community in america is plagued with violence, crime, drug use, poor education which you are responsible for, and a general attitude of not having the balls to take responsibility for the state of your own lives, but instead blaming it on the white population. Take your own advise professor and let this be an education to you: black america has gotten itself mired in moral poverty, and it is no one else’s responsibility to fix your community and your culture. Blame yourself, not me.

    Romi: I’m really glad this post didn’t offend you. Like I said before, I’m not promoting racism, I just won’t take responsibility for black peoples problems. And I won’t accept that open racism is ok for someone else, but the slightest hint of racial charge is wrong for me. I see and recognise that there are still a lot of problems on both sides of the black-white race line. But just because there are still lots of racist white folks, doesn’t mean I have to pretend the black community doesn’t come with some serious problems of their own. I want to talk about it some times, because I get pissed off. And you are the one who rocks for understanding that.

  7. Josh, the boyfriend and I have joked about that at length, the idea of a white history month. But again, imagine the uproar and the riots that would ensue. If a minority culture does it, it’s pride in their heritage. White people do it and it’s conceited, offensive, racist and continuing on our horrible rampage. I fail to see how. I really do. If you really want to promote equality and equity, by all means, promote it. But don’t exclude an entire race (white) just because of the past. It’s over, it’s done with, and you’re doing nothing more but reversing it.
    I really don’t care what colour you are, so long as you abide by the rules and live life as a person, not a colour stuck in the past.
    And screw white history month. What about Indian? chinese? Latino? These cultures don’t cry for a whole month, they’re busy working and contributing…cough cough.
    Fuck, I’m gonna get myself screamed at by some people for posting this, but here goes….

  8. Talea: Around here we joke about how February is black history month, and white history month is held during the other eleven. Horribly insensitive? Maybe. Funny as shit? Definitely.

    And that’s a good point about all the other minorities. North America is one giant melting pot and you would think there could be times to celebrate every culture and race. I guess there’s Cinco de Mayo, and Saint Patties day. Besides that I can’t really think of any.

  9. theblacksentinel


    It is funny that you say people are whining about the terrible white man, well think about this for a minute. You make a bunch of racist statements then tell people that racism doesn’t hold anyone back. There are a ton of people with stupid skewed views just like yours and they are in positions to deny people rights of all types such as jobs, healthcare or any other services. And with an attitude like yours I bet they would be partial as to how they dole out those jobs etc. So please, if you would stop whining about losing white privilege maybe things WOULD even themselves out.

    Also, yes the KKK and other white people did and do rally. They are having a rally in Jena coming up soon. I do have the balls to admit that the black community has problems with crime, drugs and whatever else you want. But then you need to have even MORE balls to go and look at the dept. of justice website and see that whites have as many or more problems with the same issues. The problem is that people like you only want to focus on what is going on in the black backyard and give the white one a pass. And moral poverty, I think that you need to look in a community wide mirror as well my friend. I don’t know what it is about people that think that just because a person looks at a bigger picture instead of focusing on the small shit that they are blaming someone else.

    I have done my homework my friend and no exactly what is or isn’t wrong in the black community and you never once read anything close to me saying that the black community ONLY had problems because of the white man. Yes that is a part of it. Prey tell what is the excuse whites give for their criminality and depraved nature. You want to sit and act as if whites are some unwitting victims of blacks abhorrent behavior. For every black out committing a crime there is a white or maybe two doing the same thing. That is my point, not that some blacks don’t commit crimes. I am saying until you look at the facts don’t name an ENTIRE group of people by the actions of the minority in the group.

    Should white people be grouped together into one big lump each and every time some whites do something, because you are doing it to blacks. So if that is the way to go, I have plenty of lumps for your lynching, raping, pillaging, church/school/office/restaurant/mall shooting folks. Like others are saying, let people be judged for their actions and you keep calling “blacks” criminals and welfare people and such.

    Just a final note dumbass, I was talking about crimes stats in regards to the number of people it only takes a wee bit of math. So when you see fit to do some you will see that your bullshit numbers make NO sense and whites DO commit far more crimes for their perspective numbers. Oh that is right we were the ones doing math while you were eating raw meat and making cave drawings (one last jab).

  10. Not to kind of stick my nose in here again, but to the comment above, YES, I said people should be judged by their actions, but if you’re going to use a statement like that, then don’t pepper your reply with several, several instances of “they” and “whites”…I mean you can beat on Josh as much as you want, but in your “I’ve done my homework” response, I’m surprised at all the generalizations you continue to make (like “the whites have as many or more problems”, or “for every black out there committing a crime there is a white “or maybe” two doing the same thing?”…where’s the homework on those facts? Talk about generic BS to prove a point…)

    And calling someone dumbass and making jabs, yeah, that’ll get more people to listen to your point of view, yeaahhh…well done.

    Now granted, do I agree with everything Josh was saying? No.

    Do I agree with everything you’re saying? No.

    Does it really matter what I think? Not really; I mean I have my opinion, and you all have yours.

    As far as my opinion goes though, let’s not miss the point here: individual HUMANS are the ones who do good, bad, wonderful or terrible things, NOT races…like can a population group of a certain race as a whole punch you in the mouth with one fist? No, but a fucking asshole human can.

    Until people stop saying “they” in terms of racial groups, and instead replace it with “him/her” in terms of human, maybe the world will never change, but hey I’m a dreamer, so I hope I’m wrong…

    Peace out, bitches 🙂

  11. Wow, can the BlackSentinel just shut the hell up already? It’s a bit contraindicative to your cause when you ramble to the point where nobody wants to read long enough to get whatever point you’re trying to make. Christ almight, nobody is going to convince anybody else of their opinion, so if you don’t agree just say so and fuck off.

    The most crucial argument in this whole mess is that it seems okay for black people to say “vote for this guy because he is black!” but it’s not okay for white people to do that. It’s okay for people in my neighbourhood to rent out apartments to Asians exclusively, but it’s not okay to rent to white people exclusively. If we’re all fighting for equal rights, then why does this shit happen? It only makes things worse for everybody.

  12. By the way Josh, I don’t like the Pussycat Dolls or R. Kelly. I like Motley Crue. And Tchaikovsky. It’s a weird flip thing, I dunno.

  13. theblacksentinel


    I agree with you, that it would be a wonderful world where people didn’t refer to people as them, they etc. But alas we don’t live in that world, and since we ARE talking in generalities I have to be general with the points. I was responding to generalities not creating them. And please don’t use a racists arguments to try and make points to me. Thanks


    Maybe you should have TRIED to read the reply as I showed where whites have made the statement of don’t vote for the black guy, same difference. And your arguments don’t hold water, are you going to tell me that there are NO apartments, businesses and any other thing you can name that isn’t ALL white etc. That runs the gamut for all races.

    Also, if none of you have taken history, every month is white history month.

    Then I have a bunch of people saying not to call names or whatever then they turn around and call names etc. But, if I then tell greenmetropolis to fuckoff everyone will jump my shit.

  14. Re: blacksentinel/romi/greenmetropolis/everyone else:

    Mwahahahahaha! I love the controversy. Clearly Mr. Black Sentinel is passionate about the subject and has an obviously biased but still intelligent opinion about the whole thing. You know what, the whole fucking world has a pretty bad racial situation. And probably every race is to blame. Maybe I shouldn’t have come out in such a confrontational way about such a volatile subject. But I still reserve the right to address problems with other races/cultures when I get pissed about them. We’re all very different and honestly I am not so sure we should even try to live together in harmony. Who knows, we might get along better if we just left each other alone.

    I have not, nor will I do any home work on this subject. My blog isn’t a research paper. All the research I need comes straight from my day to day experience with actual people of different races during my life. Sure there are always people who won’t fit the broad generalizations that get made when discussing race relations. But these generalizations and stereotypes exist because they hold enough truth enough of the time to have merit. When I deal with a person I can judge them on their own personal merit. But when I deal with a people group, I have to lump people together based on my own personal experience with their race or culture. Tough cookies, it happens.

    Mr. Sentinel, I really don’t see your opinions having much truth to them. If my blog was biased and racist, your own comments are at least as biased and racist. If I have been confrontational, you have been more so. I really don’t think you are doing anything but proving my own point about taking responsibility for your own problems and not blaming them on whites. Because it pretty much seems like that’s what every word out of your mouth has been doing. Good luck with your blind opinions, I hope all that works out for you. Maybe you can apprentice with Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton and make a career out of it.

    Emerald: I know you don’t like crappy pop music, you are way too cool for that. Maybe when we’re married and old I can take you to a second chance prom and get them to play all Motley Crue and Tchaikovsky. Would that make you happy? I know it would.

    I don’t know what it is with chicks like you. I’ve dated a bunch and almost half of you have a thing for classical music. I mean, I know you’re one of a kind, but since we’re making sweeping generalizations on this post, you know what I mean. The quirky, dark, rock and roll chicks. (that’s my favorite kind) Like my first real girfriend who had giant tits in her early teens and extra canines that grew too long and looked like vampire teeth. I should have stuck with her longer. Ahhhhh. Good times. Anyway, rock and classical go pretty well together. I watched a documentary on metal where this researcher pointed out the musical similarity between heavy metal and some of the darker classical composers. It was very interesting.

  15. Dude, I’ve totally seen the same documentary, I was just about to point it out. It’s called “Metal: a Headbangers Journey” and it rocks! You can totally take me to a prom, that would be awesome. I didn’t get to take anyone to my prom, a bunch of us girls went stag. Well I was dating someone at the time, but he was about ten years older than me, so they wouldn’t have let him in. Plus he was a gun-toting cowboy, I don’t think it would have been his scene. However, it may interest you to know (and yes I know we’re totally of the race topic here and that’s probably good) that my prom dress was a one-of-a-kind skin-tight blue-and-purple extravanganza covered in skulls and crossbones. I paired it up with a tiara and little dainty silver sparkly shoes. I walked in and everyone was like “jesus christ, only you…” it was hard to the core.

  16. OK.. So, just so everyone knows where we stand and what’sactually happened:

    The word “SLAVE” comes from the word “SLAVIC”: meaning, BlackSentinal, that my ancestors (white) were slaves long before yours were. So, get over your indignation. We have first rights on being pissed off. And, yet, we don’t bitch about it…

    The Slavs (Eastern Europe) functioned as indentured servants and slaves for hundreds of years. Yet, we still manage to exist in society today without BITCHING about how bad our ancestors had it in the past. And if you think “Indentured servitude” meant anything other than “bitch slave who was beaten and raped at his/her master’s whim” then check your fucking history.

    Check it out, if you don’t believe me:

    Question Black Sentinal: Were you there? Did you experience the crack of the slave master’s whip? Did you feel the pain of starvation and loneliness? NO? Then STFU. It’s not your fight. Deal with your own life, your own responsibilities, and move the F on. Living in the past does noone any good.

    FYI: By definition there is no such thing as “reverse” racism. Racism is racism, period. Black, white, purple, or green, this is what the word racism means:

    Believing that your race is superior or inferior to another. And how sad is your life to be reduced to the color of your skin? Who are you if you are merely defined by your race? If that is all that sustains your anger and outrage? If your anger and outrage are all that you are?

    Grow up. Be a human. Be cognisant of your actions and take responsibility for them. Do not blame your circumstances on others or the past. There have been many before who have endured worse and come out of it for the better.

    You are not black, white, or yellow. For if that is all you are, then you are nothing. You are a color.
    But You are more. BE MORE.
    Thus endeth my sermon.

  17. The Ali: I see what you are saying about there being no such thing as reverse racism. That’s true. It’s really just a term I made up to combine reverse psychology and racism. Like blaming white people for being racist all the time to cover up somebody else’s racism. It’s not a real term though, just some BS I threw together.

  18. Josh: I’ve seen that term before, and it rubs me wrong every time. It’s as if the term racist has now become racist itself. Sorry to be so vehement. I just cannot stand when the race card is played without right. And that applies to ALL races. Stop whining about how you got into your situation, and just DEAL WITH IT and move on. Do you really want your life to be defined by what someone else did TO you, as opposed to what you did FOR yourself?

    Sentinal: Re: point # 4- Since we’re taking jabs… Does your definition of “living harmoniously” include selling off your fellow man into slavery? Because that’s exactly what your African ancestors did. Slavery existed in Africa long before the white man made an appearance (so, I question your “living harmoniously” statement). The Europeans jut happened to provide a new buyer for a good already being circulated in the African nation.
    By the way, your grammer and punctuation do not reflect that of someone who has been educated; despite your attempt to appear so.

    And, if every month is white history month-where are the parades? Where are the Public Service Announcements telling us all to be aware of the holiday? Why is it not on my calendar? Oh, that’s right- because every month ISN’T white history month. It’s just HISTORY.

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