Josh Q. Public vs. the Law

So I figured I should let people know what’s going on with me. Tomorrow and Thursday I have court in the morning, and again next week. I have a slew of charges still pending. I may very well be getting locked up tomorrow. If I disappear for a while, that is why. I am not dead yet, I might just be spending a little time in the Wake county Hilton.

I wish I could say that I am facing this all like a man, but honestly I am really stressed out about the whole thing. I will probably be able to get my job back when I get out, if they don’t give me weekend time. But even weekend time is hard. Your entire week becomes work and jail. It’s no fun. And my woman could very well leave me. I would be surprised if she sticks around, and I can’t blame her. She may have already written me off, I haven’t been able to contact her in a few weeks. That’s bumming me out. But I’m not really able to be there for her like I should be, due to all these legal problems, so maybe she’d be better off with someone else.

I’ve been facing all of this for a long time now, almost half a year, so I am ready to get it over with and find out my fate. It’s hard having your future in limbo, impotent to do anything about it. I’m ready to go back inside. I’ve mentally prepared myself for that atmosphere. I am ready for the violence and the tension and the never ending vigilance. You think my last post was racial? You should get locked up, it’s like a fucking race war on the inside. And the whole thing sucks. But I can deal with it. If I was strong enough to cope when I was eighteen, I’m definitely strong enough now.

My branch manager got fired today, so if I get weekend time and continue my job, we start the wait for a new manager. And a new manager is like corporate Russian roulette. This last one was an incompetent slacker, but he stayed out of our shit so we could do our jobs. The one before him was the bitchiest bitch in all of hell. Fucking micromanaging cunt rag is what she was. Not a day goes by that the people there don’t talk about how much she sucked and how they all still hate her. I really don’t want another one of those. So that’s exciting.

That’s all I have time for tonight. I’m going to jail, possibly getting dumped, and waiting for a new boss. If I’m free tomorrow night I might tell you the story about the night cattle in our back yard, or the haunted light in Nate and Sami’s room. God I wish I was still a stoner cause I could really use some fucking pot right now. That damn muscle tick started back up in my eye. Peace out Earth.


19 responses to “Josh Q. Public vs. the Law

  1. well fuck me..
    good luck josh i hope you dont go to jail at all that would suck. it also sucks that your mrs isnt willing to stick around. plenty more fish in the sea and you deserve better. even if she is hot looks arent everything love.

    get stoned one last time. although if your goin to jail you’ll prolly have more opertunity to get stoned.

    if all else fails make like shawshank redemption and pick a hole out.

    good luck. i wish i could have some awesome last words of wisdom 4 you to remember me by but i got nothing.
    so just think of the queen and how shes got brown hair but does blonde things occasionally like use shampoo wen its conditioner time. 🙂

  2. The Queen: Thanks. None of this is for sure yet. I might get weekend time, or I could be put away for a few years. We’ll see, maybe I’ll luck out. And the woman hasn’t left me yet. She’s just been distant. That might still work out too. And there’s no time to get pot. I have to wake up in five hours to go to court. Everything could turn out ok, or go all to hell. This is sort of a turning point in my life, and we’ll see how the next few years will be by the decisions that are made in the next few days/weeks/months. I appreciate the support. Bye Stacey.

  3. Huh. Similarities. My boss is a complete fucktard who at least stays out of our way. We are thinking of plotting an overthrow but fear her being replaced by a micromanaging cuntrag. On the jail aspect, the dude I’m crushing on got busted for a DUI for which his girlfriend dumped him. And now he’s too fucked up about the whole thing to give me a call. Which sucks. So I feel your pain. And I hope you don’t go to jail. Cause I like your blog…so: virtual hugs and support and fried chicken and stuff!

  4. Good luck Josh!

  5. Emerald: Eerie. (DUI’s even! no shit! weird) I made it through today with a continuance. Tomorrow I have trial for a different set of charges, and again next week, but I have at least one free night left. Even if I get locked up, I’ll be back. But hey, I can’t turn down virtual hugs and fried chicken! Hell yeah, score!

    Allie: Thanks darlin.

    Black Sentinel: Fuck your mother. Maybe you should start shutting the hell up and maybe people like me wouldn’t get so fucking sick of assholes like you and go get drunk to stop ourselves from kicking your mouthy, ignorant, asses. I hope you get abducted by a gang of homosexual neo-nazi’s you shit talkin mother fucker. I’ll never stop breaking the law. You want to know why? Because the laws I break are retarded and my crimes have no victim besides myself. You want to know a little something about what sort of criminal i am? If I had been born twenty years earlier my alleged crimes wouldn’t have been illegal and I could have gone right on about my business. If you don’t like how I live my fucking life, too fucking bad. I couldn’t give a shit. You can suck my dick and I’ll even dip my balls in your mothers breakfast to give you a taste of home while you’re at it. Don’t come talking shit again or you’re blocked. You don’t even have the brass to link to your own blog you spineless, panty waste shit stain. Hiding behind your fucking computer. Talk shit to me in real life and you can see exactly how far that will get you. I’m a lot less patient with with cock gobblers like you when I’m not on the internet. Now quit barking at my ankles and go find someone to fuck with who doesn’t think the name Black sentinel is the gayest user name ever. Fuck you.

    In fact, fuck this, you’re blocked now. Be gone bitch! Poof!

  6. Oops, I deleted his comment instead of blocking him. Oh well. Enough of that shit. I already have enough people I hate outside of the internet, I don’t need more. We shouldn’t be seeing him again.

  7. Hey Josh, did you get my email about winter? My Mom is buying my Dad a digital camera for Christmas so I will be sure to be sending you some wintery pictures after Christmas.

  8. Allie: no I did not. I have not got your email. Did you send it to the Rotgut one? Cause I don’t check the others. But I much look forward to your response. Please make sure it goes to the rotgut address. You rock little lady, talk to you soon.

  9. Boo yah! I too was pissed that he was too fucking spineless to link back to his own blog. I hate pansy asses. Good riddance!

  10. Talea: word up bitch!

    And I mean bitch in the good way, not the awful way. You know, like a sentinel or something.

  11. oh you shud have left his comment up so we could all laugh at him!!!

    i hope everything goes ok 4 you keep in contact no matter what happens ok??

    i’ll b thinkin of you over the weekend (coz the time difference confuses me lol)
    and im not goin to say gud bye coz gudbyes are final… you will be back

  12. Ok, well, it’s December 13th, and you’ve had your court date. Hopefully all has worked out (reasonably) well for you. Weekend time: not such a big deal. Some community service does the heart good and, if nothing else, gets you off the damn couch. Here’s wishing you a speedy return home.

  13. Dude, you know I be blog-crushin’ on you right? 😉

    Seriously, I think you are damn hilarious and awesome, and all your bitches up in here love ya! 🙂 I’ll be thinking positive thoughts for you 🙂

    For real though, you are a talented dude from what I’ve seen of this writing; I know you’re gonna do great things, and I expect you to be around, ’cause this will all work out!!

    Big Hugs

    -From the future mother of your spicy/southern children 😉

  14. Everyone: I got continuances! I don’t have to worry about going to prison until next week. I love every single one of you, and I hope I get weekend time so I don’t miss a minute of your lives. Even if I don’t have time to stop and comment, I read most of your blogs, and I honestly do care about all of you. All of you, no joke. So maybe I’ll be arounjd for the holidays, and maybe I’ll disappear. Who knows. But if I do disappear, I’ll be back. Hell, I’ve already got marriages planned out wiht half of you. (to the other half: what are you waiting for? Marry me now and you may still get a decent chunk of my manliness)

    Joking, I heart you. I’m glad you’re not in jail!

  16. you make me weak in the vagina…

    i think you do that to a lot of us chickees though…

  17. Em: You aren’t the only one, I’m sorry love. I’m as free as a bird now, and this bird you cannot change. Like for instance, you can’t get me to stop loving Freebird, no matter how many millions of times it’s requested and played.

    The Queen: Well I try. When God gives you a gift, you have to use it.

  18. I woke up this morning and there were cows running around my neighborhood and I thought of you!

  19. ….it didn’t take my picture. here’s a link instead.

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