Tales from the front lines: Valentines day ’08

Holy bat shit Batman, I don’t know about you but this Valentines day seemed crazier than usual. I’ve got stories galore to share with you.

I don’t normally go for all kinds of mushy shit, but there was some unfortunately. My work buddy Kato proposed to his woman on Valentines day. (I’ve decided to call work Kenny “Kato” and “Kenny & Rachael” Kenny by his real name, cause it’s getting hard to remember which one is which and I can’t call both of them Kenny or you will all be confused as shit) First of all, he declared bankruptcy a while back, so he really should not have even been approved for a line of credit at Friedman’s Jewelers in the first place, but those suckers let his broke ass right through the system and gave him one of those little shiny circular things that chicks like. So his woman had to work late, and she was having an especially hard day with people getting fired and getting sick and all sorts of crazy shit. So when she walks in the door, she’s ready to collapse and almost in tears. I don’t know exactly how he popped the question to her, cause he didn’t really elaborate on all that. But apparently she said yes and she busted out the waterworks, which I’m pretty sure every chick does. And then she had to call up her mom. And naturally the mother wanted to know what the ring looked like over the phone. It’s got a round part that’s gold and a shiny rock on one side, just like every other engagement ring in the history of mankind, what the fuck do you think it looks like?

And then they had to call her two kids into the room and explain it to them. The oldest, who’s 14 I think just shrugged and said cool and went back to playing video games. (Not a big deal really, they’re all living together anyway) But the young one, who’s 11, and wired like a squirrel on meth, and borderline mental, well he didn’t take it so well. He started hyperventilating and pulling his hair. He started crying and said something along the lines of, “I don’t know. I just don’t know. I’m going to have to think about this!” And Kenny and his woman were like, think about what kid? Get in here. What are you talking about. Well apparently he thought that if Kenny married his mom, his daddy wouldn’t be his dad anymore. This might not be funny at a first glance. You may look at this situation and see a distraught child who’s upset about the shattering of his family, but that’s not what I see. What I see is a kid who’s confused in such a way that his poppa will get pisseder than all hell and start some serious shit with Kato. His exact words were, “Lets fix this before I have to tell my fiance I can’t marry her because I’m going to prison for killing her ex husband.” Kato’s a rather confrontational and violent person, so the idea of his kid going home to his poppa and poking the hornets nest was hilarious to me. But it’s all straightened out now.

Also funny about his getting hitched is the fact that’s he’s a fairly blatant racist. He’s gotten in trouble for spouting off the N word at work. He’s old school country, through and through. But he’s engaged to a Puerto Rican. I guess love is blind. I shared this story at the bar Valentines night and in return heard a pretty good race joke. If you are a sensitive Puerto Rican, tune out now. Why don’t Puerto Ricans do their own taxes? …. Cause you can’t sign tax forms in spray paint! Zing!

Anyway, so Kato had a good Valentines day, but my boss, Drew, didn’t fare so well. Here’s my best rendition of the conversation we all had:

Drew: Well I’m glad your bitch wasn’t so fucking crazy, I’m about tired of all this female shit.

Kato: So you didn’t get laid or what?

Drew: Hell no, fuckin bitch started acting the fool. I got her eighty bucks worth of clothes last weekend, and when I did I told her, ‘This is your Valentines day present. I’m not getting you any more expensive shit.‘ So she said all she wanted was just a card or something.

Me and Kenny: What are you? Stupid? That’s some amateur mistake bull shit dude. Everyone knows women tell you they don’t want any more shit and not to go out of your way, but they lie. They really mean get me all kinds of crazy shit and it had better be something expensive, something I actually want, and it had better be a fucking surprise. You can’t just get a card and leave it at that unless you want her to be pissed. There was a fucking flower stand at the end of the road on your way home dude. You could have pulled off in the dirt and gotten some thing for your woman from the Mexican chicks. They had chocolates and teddy bears and shit. Come on man.

Drew: Hell no. She said she was cool with a card and that’s what I fucking got her. I put it in the little red envelope and left a nice note in it on the end of her bed so she would find it when she woke up. So I got stuck with some paperwork from the girls in the office and I was ten minutes late. Ten fucking minutes! And as soon as I walked in the door there it is. There’s a big ass frog balloon that says some shit about love, there’s some chocolates, and there’s a new Dale Earnheart shirt. So immediately she walks in like ‘You’re late!’ And I’m like ‘Yeah, ten minutes late. I’m sorry I was working to earn you money to blow, Jesus can I get a minute to relax before you jump on my ass?‘ So she jumps in with ‘What, you didn’t even get me anything?‘ So I’m all ‘I got you almost a hundred bucks worth of clothes last weekend!‘ She said ‘Well you could have at least stopped and gotten something little.‘ And so I said ‘Well I’m sorry I didn’t get you a fucking balloon. Thanks a lot, now we’re both pissed off. I’m going to bed.

Me and Kenny: Dude, seriously, that’s just a dumb mistake on your part. You should have gotten that woman something shiny, you know they love that stuff. Tonight before you go home, just go get her a balloon or something and tell her you are sorry. She’ll probably forgive you.

Drew: Hell no. No fucking way. If I do that, then she wins. I’m not getting her a god damned thing, period. If she don’t like it she can go find some other idiot who will buy her a fucking balloon. Not me. If I get her a balloon I’m just going to pop it right in front of her. Like ‘Here you go baby here’s a balloon for you.” (makes popping motion and sound) Cause thats what she’s doing to me. That’s what all women do. There you are, just walking along in life. And behind you are all you hopes and dreams like little balloons. And sure enough, like taxes and death, some bitch will start following you around and one by one, she’ll pop every last one. ‘Oh what’s that? You’re tired from work and you just want to go out and hang out with your friends? (POP) NOT TODAY MOTHERFUCKER! Bwahahahahaha!‘ Fucking bitch, I’m about tired of all this naggin’ bull shit. I’m ready to stick my boot up her ass. And wherever she lands, that’s where she’s staying. Cause she’s not staying with me anymore!

Me: Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Idiot. Flowers are so cheap! Hahahahahahahaha!

Drew: Shut up and get back to work bitch. It ain’t that funny.

My own VD was filled with neither romance nor drama, but it was kind of fun. Kind of lame, but also kind of fun. I went up to my bar for Thirsty Thursday. But when I got there it was transformed into some sort of romantic diner. There were red table cloths and expensive menu’s with food they never serve. There were candles and shit. I turned right around and left. Screw that shit. Who the fuck goes to the bar for Valentines day? Not people who are celebrating love that who. Lonely people who don’t have anyone to dine with. I just wanted to get drunk with my friends, but love was ruining my evening. More precisely, the woman who took over control of my bar is ruining my evening. In fact, she’s ruining Judd’s in general, and she needs to be stopped. But that was a task for a different evening, for the moment I was just looking for someone to hang out with.

So I hopped on my scooter and headed to the neighborhood across the street to see if Kenny and Rachael were doing anything. As I started considering my options, I realized that I don’t have very many friends who aren’t in relationships. At least not close enough to go visit on my scooter. So I pulled up to their house and through the window I thought I saw my sister in law. I pulled around back and knocked and when I entered I saw not only Kenny and Rachael, but Nate and Sami and another girl from the neighborhood. They were all excited to see me, and excited that I was going roller skating with them. WHAT? Yes, roller skating. And not drunk roller skating, the sober kind. All the girls were super excited, and all the guys were mostly just pissed. Especially about the sober part. But off we went anyway.

Now on the way they informed me that the only one they could find that was open on Valentines night was in the middle of the ghetto. Great. Here I am with my Hank Williams Jr. shirt with a rebel flag and everything, my freshly shaved skinhead looking haircut, and my generally hostile honky demeanor. It was going to be a long night. When we got there, after chugging several beers in the car, I was immediately greeted by a mountain of a black security guard. He patted me down and cleared me to go through (not sure why exactly pat downs are needed for a skating rink, but not a good sign) and somehow he missed my utility knife that I keep clipped to my pants at all times. I forgot I even had it on. So as we are walking in, the Carolina Rollergirls were leaving. I was kind of bummed that I didn’t get to see them practice their skating, partly because they are so hot, and partly because they are so violent, and partly because it would have given me something to do besides actually skate. As in: watch their sexy asses go around in circles.

They may not be models, but their ass kicking gives me a chubby

So we were left with nothing to do but skate. That was boring. There was the regular assortment of weird adults who hang out at rollerskating rinks waaaay too much. there were three or four black dudes practicing their faggy hip hop moves on roller skates in the middle of the floor. There were the slutty ghetto chicks who like to shake their ass like hookers, but while moving around in a circle. There was that one white guy who has on some sort of team jersey for some sort of ridiculously gay roller skating team. There was the pixie cut lesbian who figure skates all night, whilst simultaneously doing some sort of tae bo dance move thing. She was weird, but for some reason I kind of wanted to do her. Perhaps it was my subconscious mind telling me that anyone who could lift their leg that far behind them probably had all sorts of Olympic kegel muscles. Who knows.

After about an hour of listening to urban bull shit music everyone got tired of that and we went to go get drunk like we should have to begin with. I got a free chicken wing out of the evening though, and I savored every crispy calorie of it. Plus our regular bartender was absent that evening and his replacement was some much better looking female. I mean, Jeremy is pretty good looking, but I’d much rather look at chicks, especially on Valentines day. The night ended on an especially pleasant note. At the bar I picked up this hot chick named Rosie Palm and went home for a massive orgy with her and her five sisters.

Overall I had a pretty good Valentines day, at least I survived it. Next year I’m picking up a hooker and banging her to Air Supply when I first wake up, just so I can get all the romance out of the way and spend the rest of the day having fun however I want. I hope your VD was filled with beer and someone else’s bodily fluids, happy black history month everyone.

12 responses to “Tales from the front lines: Valentines day ’08

  1. Ha! Drew sounds hilarious. And I’m glad your VD was a little enjoyable. I got out of my house for a much needed break from living with the relative from hell and spent the night at a friends house who was all bummed as all get out cause her husband was gone for work. (And before you ask, no, no lesbian action even thought of… and the only reason I said that is because all of my guy friends assumed that I was going up there to sleep with her. … You can’t see it but I’m rolling my eyes.) And why does it seem like I always comment on your blog when I’m tired and can’t seem to know when to shut up or what’s the right thing to say and should I have said that and should I delete that? And then I say fuck it and hit submit comment anyways cause I’m a little weird anyways and damn proud of it. … Okay on that note, I’m going to bed. 🙂

  2. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY.. I know im a little late but meh…
    You have funny stories. OMG drew spent 80 on his mrs? what the hell did that buy one top? my god.. $80 is nothing of course she bloody wanted more. honestly.

    men suck

    how was rosilie and her five sisters? lol it took me a second to click to that lol.
    anyway have a good week

  3. Allie: Whatever. Every woman is half lesbo in my imagination, including you. And I believe anyone who reads my blog is a little weird, and hopefully proud of it.

    the Queen: Negative. Eighty bucks can buy you a shit load of stuff around here. Our dollar is a little more expensive than yours, and our local economy is very affordable, not like big cities. I can understand why he wasn’t thrilled with the idea of breaking the bank when he just ponied up almost a hundred bucks, but it was still retarded. Every guy knows you gotta get something special on Valentines day.

    Rosie Palm is doing great. I’ve got another date tonight. 😉

  4. That is a hell of a Valentine’s Day; I had NO idea that roller-skating of all things was going to factor into the day at some point, hahaha…and oh my gosh, when Drew described that whole “chicks popping the balloons of life”-thing I was laughing my ass off ’cause it’s basically true! I always say to myself that I wouldn’t want to become that kind of chick, and though I’m really convinced that I wouldn’t be A LOT like that, I suppose there is a little of that “balloon-popping” biatch in every girl…LOL….

    PS: but this I WILL say and I mean it: I DON”T care about rings…what is the big deal about those? Put a damn onion ring on my finger, I don’t care, just be my fucking soul mate…sigh….


  5. Not bad for a solo Vday … after all it included a marriage proposal, a lovers’ quarrel, rollergirls, free food and alcohol therapy so it pretty much ROCKED, considering. Although I wouldn’t have been into the roller skating either: I possess the style and grace of a flipperless manatee, so it’s best to keep the blundering public displays to a minimum.

    I went to a wedding this weekend– waaay too many hearts and flowers to witness in one 72-hour period, in my opinion; in fact, I think I’m just getting over a mild saccharine overdose. At the wedding, I heard about TWO MORE weddings that are planned for this year, so I’m seriously beginning to wonder if there’s something in the water. Gah. But everyone deserves a Happy Ending, right?

    As for your Vday plans for next year, Gee aren’t we cynical?! You sound even worse than me. Hang in there– here’s hoping your next Vday is relentlessly and disgustingly romantic, and that it ends with some sweet sylph sighing softly into your ear before you sleep. Happy endings to you and Happy Belated Valentine’s Day!

  6. Romi: If you think it was funny on here, you should have seen him do it in real life. Kenny and I were rolling with laughter. We laughed so hard we actually cried. Both of us. It was hysterical. Especially cause he was sooo pissed. We enjoy pissing him off, cause he’s a good sport about it.

    Onion ring you say? Hell, even I could afford one of those! Don’t worry sweetie, you’ll find a man. Maybe not soon, sometimes life is a bitch like that, but eventually you will find an awesome man. I’d bet my life on it.

    XCM: I would agree. For yet another single Valentines Day, it was pretty cool. And there’s no way I could deal with VD and a wedding back to back. Screw that. As for the cynicism, most of that is just for show. I’m not actually down with hookers, I’ve had some bad experiences with their kind. But here’s wishing that you too have a relentlessly and disgustingly romantic next Vday. And btw, wicked kudos for managing to fit sylph and saccharine in the same comment. Very nice.

  7. but even in your dollar 80 bucks still isnt much… especially not if it was like designer labels which i doubt it was. i would not have been impressed.

    i guess thats why im still single

    *sighs* i do wanna bcome a vampire though! that’d b fun i think

  8. Ahem. *Josh*

    HA! I thought rollerskating was BADASS! Booze was even better! It may have not been the best night in the world, but I did what I wanted to do…..hang out with my friends and have fucktons of fun. Admit it, it ruled all.

    Oh yeah, and by the by… It’s spelled…r-a-c-h-E-l…there is no ‘a’…for fuck’s sake, you were our reverend. I mean really. Really? Ha ha ha ha.

    P.S. Drew should’ve know better…women ARE crazy. Hence the fact, I am now married. He he he he.

  9. Oh Josh, you are so wrong, there are all KINDS of rings. Saphire cut, pear cut, princess cut EMERALD cut (which is unfortunately not very attractive, it’s rather rectangular).

    And poor Drew! That was a stupid mistake, but that fucking IRRITATES me about women. Ugh! “What’s wrong?” “Nothing!” Shut. The fuck. Up. Just say what’s wrong why don’t you?!? And what the hell are you doing buying her clothes? Shouldn’t she be buying her own clothes? I hope that was just a Valentines thing and not an everyday I-expect-you-to-buy-me-shit thing. ‘Cause that’s just garbage. And if it was for Valentines, she should have waited for fucking Valentines!!! So, yes Drew’s an idiot. But she sounds like I’d want to kick her in the face. Sorry, that’s just me.

    And rollerskating on Valentines? Roller skating period? I dunno dude…how’d you get roped into that one? Especially AFTER seeing the security guards. I’d have been all “Um, I’m getting back on my scooter and going home to spend Valentines day with me, myself and my spank bank.” Or in my case “I’m going to go spend Valentines in the shower, bye!”

    Good job on the orgy though.

    P.S. I heart Air Supply. Don’t tell anyone.

  10. The Queen: Designer labels? Are you out of your mind? Hell no. We’re talking about red necks here. The only designer label they wear is Jack Daniels. Besides, if a chick wants designer clothes, she can go buy her damn self some. If I’m spending my loot on some chick, it sure as shit ain’t gonna be on clothes. I don’t really want to see her in clothes to begin with, but if I have to, I don’t want to spend more than a days pay to do it. Screw that, I’m too poor for that kind of fancy shit.

    Rachel: You can call me Muffin on here RachEl.I don’t mind, and I know it’s hard for you to force yourself to call me Josh. I could have skipped the rollerskating, but I did have a good time hanging out with you guys. Nice use of the word fucktons. I’ll probably never remember to spell your name right. I have the same problem with Sara. And you can just forget about that really hot brunette that Amanda’s friends with. I still can’t even remember what her name is to begin with, not to mention how it’s spelled. I’m bad with names. Sorry.

    Emerald: Screw that. As far as I’m concerned, as long as I still have a cock swinging between my legs, I don’t need to know about the various nuances of ring style. They all still have a gold circle with a diamond on one side. Except for my sister in law, who’s got rubies I think. Or some other shit she liked better. But for the most part, gold circle, diamond. End of story.

    Drew and his woman are both idiots, but she fucks his living brains out all the time, more than he can handle, so he puts up with her whiny bull shit every now and then. They have a weird relationship.

    Yeah, I didn’t actually see the security guard at first. I paid my money, and then went through a door, and when I looked up, mighty Joe Young was standing there telling me to spread em. Definitely a surprise. Plus, I’ve kind of been looking for a sneaky way to get in a fight for a while now, cause I need to let out some pent up violence, and the ghetto seemed like an interesting place to do it. Nate and Kenny would have had my back. But I love my friends, and sometimes the guys have to do stupid shit to keep the women happy. Even roller skate. I just might make you take me roller skating one day. Although the shower sounds better. 😉 (just kidding, I wouldn’t make you take me roller skating. Sledding probably, but not roller skating)

    Everyone secretly likes Air Supply.

  11. DUDE. You are funny as hell. Adding you to my blogroll…

  12. Word up Lucky, glad you liked it.

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