Pictures of my (road) rash.

Holy crap the updates I have for all of you! I sincerely hope you’re interested in topics such as missing pieces of my body, wild animals and carrion, and too much information about my sex drive. Of course you are, who isn’t. Put on your wading boots people, cause this is some deep shit.

First of all you will notice I am not in jail/prison tightly clutching a bar of soap as I lather my face. This is because the legal system in America is about as speedy as every other government system in America. Apparently I’m just dangerous enough to seriously fuck with, but not so dangerous that it’s a big priority. Nice comfy middle ground, aka justice limbo. So until late May I’ll still be around to occasionally post frivolous bull crap on the internet when I’m not too busy acting like a love struck retard with Em. (which is all the time, thank you very much) Also, if any of you seem to be bored (although experiencing this after high school has proven to be a bit of an urban legend) and you want a nice brain teasing time waster to pass the hours/days/weeks (without sleep or bathroom breaks) here’s a slightly addicting game that Emerald showed me called Chain Factor. You should be able to figure out how to play it pretty easy. If you need help, you are a tard and should not be playing brain teasers, or reading my blog, cause this textual outlet of mine is obviously intended only for the extremely highly intelligent.
Speaking of intelligent, I recently became well acquainted with a little stretch of Old Garner Road. In an attempt to make it through a changing green light so I would not be late for work, (that light is on a pressure plate and doesn’t sense when I’m there, and due to it’s proximity to the train tracks, other vehicles are often less than keen to pull up behind me, leading to 10-15 minute waits) I went over some rail road tracks at a slightly faster than anticipated speed, immediately banked hard left for a turn, happened across a poorly placed patch of loose sand and rocks, and promptly wrecked like a banshee. I’m assuming banshees wreck on their left side breaking their fall with their forearm. Don’t worry, the road was fine. And surprisingly the scooter was fine as well, minus a few scrapes down the side.

Following traditional man code, I immediately jumped up and pretended like nothing had happened. In my haste to get back on the road I did not stop to check and see if the traffic stopped in all directions had noticed anything or not, but I think I pulled it off pretty well. So anyway, after a day or two I kind of got sick of taking care of my little arm scratch and ceased any and all cleaning/bandaging. WebMD informed me that “school-age children ages 5 to 9 are most affected” by scrapes, and clearly being a fucking gnarley bastard with an armor-like man pelt, I would not need any of the candy ass medical froufrou they recommended for children, women, and the elderly. Here is the progression of how my healing process went down.

First you can see I am all bandaged up, and strikingly rugged and handsome. Please note that my money maker, as in my face, is still intact. All you ladies can breathe a collective sigh of relief. This bandage situation did two things for me. First it gave me a new found respect for medical tape and it’s abilities to not only stay on tight through a night of sleep and a day of sweaty, dirty work, but also to rip your hairs off at the end of said day of work. Second it gave me this idiotic looking bandage tan line cause I was outside the entire next day. That would be when I quit wearing the thing.

Holy shit my pirate face is good.

Now you’ll see the next day as the raw skin starts scabbing up. Please note the interesting pink and white color of the deeper road rash, along with the rock cut lines going through it. I thought that was the coolest part. I’m not sure exactly which layer of skin looks like that when you expose it, but I’m assuming it’s the one right next to the bone.

relative size of road rash

closer up

fucking gnarley shit, I'm pretty much rambo now

It was this point that my manstincts took over and I started just fucking around with it. I had my birthday, (yaaaaay me!) and that lead to happy booze times, which led to me doing absurdly abusive activities like dousing it with vinegar and beer, and getting sprayed with a fire extinguisher. (that last one was actually at work now that I think about it, and had nothing to do with booze) All care for and protection of the wound ceased, and today (one week later) I noticed it was rather odd looking and squishy. After a bit of field surgery I found that bubbly squishy scabs mean they’re floating on a bed of (presumably infectious) pus. I’m no doctor, but I’m pretty sure that’s bad, so as JT would say, I’m bringing bandage back. Here’s what it looks like now.

my gravitron face

You will note the big ass opening in the scab in the bottom left and top right. That would be me and my wicked awesome/reckless field surgery skills. I’m not really sure what that face is all about, possibly I had eaten a super lemon, or been riding on top of a jet fighter all day.

In unrelated news, we have foxes. Well, technically we don’t “have” them, they just pass through the yard, but that’s pretty close as far as wild foxes are concerned. Having now observed a fox fairly close for the first time, I’m not sure where the term “foxy lady” came from. I can however attest that foxes are both nimble and cunning. We put out some chicken for them, and the fox that came through ate some, and hid the rest scattered all over under the leaves in the woods. Fucking smart ass little dog if you ask me. And they can speed walk down fallen logs and shit. Even tiny ones. Anyway, foxes are cool. I also saw a hawk that got a squirrel. Hawks are cool too. And I saw a chicken hawk, which should really be called a chicken eagle, cause that thing was huge. Among the less cool sightings: mosquito’s, still-friggin-pollen-season, and of course, sweat. I didn’t really miss sweat over the winter, but of course I’m kind of sick of cold with no snow, so I’ll deal with it and take what sun I can get.

I believe I mentioned too much information about my sex drive. I just made that up. There’s no update as far as that is concerned. But I’ll wish you all happy hump day anyway.


9 responses to “Pictures of my (road) rash.

  1. I got your sex drive right here baby 😉 And your scab is very manly. Pus not so much, that’s kinda gross. Stop putting beer and fire extinguishers on it! If you want a kick ass scar, like the one I’ve got, they actually made me smother it in vaseline and saranwrap to keep it open and as infected as possible without getting a nice dose of toxic shock. THEN we did the vinegar after about two weeks. And it was balsamic vinegar, to stain it purple, not regular vinegar, which will do nothing but make it hurt. Happy scarring 😀

  2. Road rash hurts like a bitch. I have never had it that bad though… Scars are hot but as Em mentioned – pus? Not so much.

  3. Em: Something tells me this fucker is going to scar up without any help

    Lucky: It actually doesn’t hurt much now as long as I don’t mess with it, which I kind of do, but otherwise it’s fine. I was more sore from having my body slammed around.

  4. That is a beautiful scab, it really is. My Dad got into a motorcycle accident about ummm 2 years ago now and he had some gnarly road rash. I don’t have any pictures of it but, as it was healing, it resembled raw hamburger, very gross! And I was the one that had to take care of it and only gagged once, go me!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY for whenever it was. You kept that quiet!!!
    Hope you end up with a gross scar. Chicks dig scars and it makes you more manly! if that was possible.

    Glad your back dude I missed ya

  6. Interesting blog.

    Your world is SO different from mine.

  7. awww…I think your lemon-face is the best one I’ve seen of you so far!!! 😉

    I have to say I was kind of mesmerized by your scar pics and looked at them for a while with my face up close to the screen, so I guess I’m kind of sick like that 🙂 …I had a scar like that on my knee for the entire summer when I was 9…the puss kept re-generating, and I kept picking it, just out of boredom…when my mom found out what I’d been doing she was extremely upset, because her hopes of me having perfect “scar-less knees” and becoming Miss Indo-Canada were officially dashed….

  8. Ugh, I can tell you from first hand experience, that shit was gross! It was almost bright green; a few close friends had voiced their concern (hahaha).
    Anywho, I have since seen this bad ass scar, and it looks much better now…..not breathing on its own at least. It will be a nice and GLORIOUS (sans puss) scar for the books!

    Congrats on an awesome scar, a manly wipe out, crappy bandaging tactics, and I’m kinda concerned… sex drive news? That just doesn’t seem right….
    I feel shafted (awesome pun, go me!)

    ❤ yo face!

  9. Allie: Sweet, way to go on the uni-gag. I’m sure your dad appreciated you not barfing on his raw flesh.

    The Queen: Thank you ma’am, I’m 24 now. And sadly it is possible to become more manly than I already am, hence my plan to one day kill a bear with a knife.

    Paul Merrill: Well rock on with your completely dissimilar but bad self brother, it takes different strokes for different folks, and if everyone on this planet was like me we’d be in a lot of trouble.

    Romes: Is there seriously a miss Indo-Canada? Like for realy? I have to go look this up now.

    Rachel: Ha, shafted, good one. (hush yo mouth, I’m just talking about Shaft) And just so you feel you got your moneys worth here on my blog, my sex drive is doing great. Fucking awesome. Everything seems to be in working order, and is all where it should be, generally clean-ish, and about the right shape and size.

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