The Beast With Two Heads

So I guess it was only a matter of time. Much like the the process that slowly lead me to create this blog, I have been struck down by the my muse/siren of creativity, and possibly persuaded a bit by some fine ass. I’ve started a second blog, based around my relationship with my dream girl, what’s her face. The hope is to isolate all the emotional and soft bull shit from this blog, and hers as well, and combine it all into one giant ball of kitty-flower-petal-baby-eating-lemon-chipmunk-warm-fuzzy powerball of supercute love and affection and probably a shit ton of drama. Why the fuck not, I don’t want any human emotions watering down all the sweet ass internet street cred I’ve convinced myself I’ve built up over the months since I started this blog over on that other shitty site. (it was Blogger, don’t use it, WordPress is much better!)

Anyway, it’s called 800 Miles, named so for the distance life has so comically thrown in between us, once again impeding my drunken-bat like path towards eventual happiness and stability. If you are at all interested in getting to know myself or my woman a little better go ahead and skip that whole “about us” page, and go right ahead to the Interview With a Girlfriend, and Interview With a Boyfriend. That’s where the real shit is. I can’t speak for Em, but I have a hard time accurately describing myself in those about me pages. They always seem so forced and awkward, and our interviews for each other are more like the real life conversations we actually have with each other all day long. I think most folks would enjoy those a bit better than the prepackaged meet-and-greet shit fest that is blog author introductions.


2 responses to “The Beast With Two Heads

  1. Consider me check. 😉 I’m off.

  2. Says Peter Parkour. Or should I say… Parker? 😛

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