Chicken Fried

I remember the first time I heard the song Chicken Fried by the Zac Brown Band. I was hungover in Kenny’s truck on the way back from our cray-zay fishing trip to the beach. It was awesome. You know how it feels that first time you get head? Kind of like that except completely different. Actually a lot better than the first time I got head, but that’s a bad story involving too much beer and a fat chick who was ragging.

Anyway, all of you people out there who listen to country radio will be familiar with the hit single, or at least should be. They might just be a south east thing, I don’t really know. The point is that the Zac brown Band came to Raleigh, and I went to see them with my brother Nate and his wife Sami. We didn’t get any pictures, cause my camera was lost under a large pile of clothes and rubble that I really didn’t feel like searching through.

They played a joint called the Lincoln Theatre, which hosts some of the best shows that come through our area. It’s a fairly small venue, so you can get down real close to the stage if you want. The only real problem with the Lincoln Theatre is the fact that you can only smoke in the very back of the upstairs section, back where you can’t even see the performers. But they have a bar and a pool table back there, so it’s all right.

I had read online that their fans were a pretty diverse group, but I was still expecting to see a mostly country crowd. But the crowd was in fact a very mixed bunch, from hardcore country fans, to preps, to hippies, to rockers. And one rude bitch in a wheel chair. (if you read this wheel chair bitch, move your fucking ass somewhere that everyone can get past you on the stairs. I know you’re all misfortunate and shit, but you getting in my way every time I want a beer or need to piss just makes me want to kick you down the stairs and cripple you the rest of the way)

I like the Zac Brown Band for a number of reasons. Firstly they play a wide range of music. They had rock, and country, bluegrass and raggae. Every musician in the band was a borderline virtuoso, especially the front man and the fiddler. They took time to sign autographs for everyone who wanted one, and take pictures with their fans, which is cool. They were very down to earth. And last but not least, they are ugly. I don’t see enough ugly people in music these days. Everyone has to be all hot and chiseled and shit, so they can look good on TV and sell lots of merchandise. These guys were just normal scruffy ass dudes. And Zac Brown has a beard, which makes us brothers in facial hair. None of that mamby pamby, metrosexual, baby faced, boy toy bull shit. (ahem*bradpaisley*ahem) I think the music scene needs more ugly people, and less pretty men.

I can’t find any videos of their performance in Raleigh, but I have some here for you from their YouTube channel. These were filmed at the House of Blues in New Orleans, and no offense to the great Cajun Lake People and their waterlogged music scene, but Raleigh totally kicked their asses at enthusiasm. We were tore up from the floor up and we let Mr. Brown know it. (woo hoo!)

First off is their radio single Chicken Fried. It’s a song about all the good and important things in life, and I absolutely love it.

Next we have a song called Different Kind of Fine. This one goes out to the love of my life, Emerald. With the exception of maybe being “country as the day is long” I can say every other lyric in this song fits you to a T baby, and it puts a smile on my face every time I hear it. “Caddilacs and caviar, that ain’t how she Rolls. Implants and tummy tucks, she sure don’t need those.” You’re beautiful darlin, so this one goes out to you. (I’d so be getting laid tonight if we didn’t live so far apart.

And y’all probably all know this one by heart. Certainly one of the most famousest and badassest songs every written or performed. Some say the Devil himself wrote the tune. Others say it was old Charlie. Either way, enjoy.


3 responses to “Chicken Fried

  1. Aw, I love that song! I sang it all day yesterday!

  2. Never heard of that song. Amazing.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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