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America In Peril: College Students Dangerously Funny

In what can only be described as the most offensive display of racism since everyone realized Kramer wasn’t actually funny, some students from the University of California at San Diego have whipped their collective pee-organs out and defiled the sanctity of black history month. According to a report by news giant MomLogic.com, students threw a, “ghetto-themed party called the Compton Cookout” where, “guys were encouraged to wear chains and high top tennis shoes and girls were encouraged to be ghetto-chicks with gold teeth and wear cheap clothes”. Even more shockingly, reports would indicate that most, if not all of these students were not black people.

The party was unsanctioned by the school, and was held off campus, but may have been attended by members of at least three fraternities. I find it utterly disturbing that members of the respected social class consisting of college fraternity members could behave in such a rude or thoughtless manner, as all of my previous experiences with frat boys have reflected the utmost moral caliber.

The Vice Chancellor is heading up an investigation into the serious misconduct carried out within the law and outside of her jurisdiction with a fervor I can only describe as inspiring. The V.C. was quoted as saying, “Our obvious initial concern was abated when we discovered that the party consisted of white students merely pretending to be poor black people. However, after numerous complaints from the you-know-whos and a bunch of mommies, we’ve officially changed our stance to that of disbelief and repulsion. We fully understand that [Black History Month] is an institution of the utmost importance and respect, and not at all an empty gesture meant to shut people up.”

I for one agree with the Vice Chancellor, it is so nice to get a break from those obnoxious disaster relief and ASCPA commercials for a month, and focus on these historically heroic figures that everyone certainly wasn’t already familiar with by the fifth grade. What an amazing idea, to dedicate a month to occasional television blurbs. I enjoy it almost as much as when I have to go to work on Martin Luther King Jr. day every year.

In fact I am so convinced this is a great idea I think we should step up as a country and take it a step farther. I’ve compiled a few more racist offenders who need to be investigated and tried, or at the least publicly humiliated for their racially charged stereotype crimes.

Lil John, I mean Jon

What a dickhead. This racist mother fucker is brimming so full of stereotypes he’s one pointy white hat away from completing his track suit of hate. He misspells his name, his grammar is horrible, he’s toting more gold accessories than Mr. T’s jeweler, and what the fuck is that in his mouth? Why would he mock black people like this? Frankly, I’m offended.

Are you kidding me? What kind of clansmen crapfest is this? That white guy who looks like Ving Rhames is clearly saying all black people carry guns. And why is there a share cropper at the bottom left? Just because watermelons are delicious and everyone loves eating them doesn’t mean it’s ok to say black people love eating watermelons. Go burn a cross you douchebags. As if Dolemite would appear in a movie making fun of his own peoples stereotypes, get real.

Listen actual black people from Compton, and one white guy with a 40 oz.: just because you are successful, black people who actually are from Compton doesn’t mean you get to wear gold chains, and high tops, or get gold teeth, or wear cheap clothing. That’s racist. Most especially during a month that celebrates outstanding black people who have contributed to black culture and history. Outstanding people like Ice Cube, and Easy E. Or people like Dr. Dre and the many successful black people he’s discovered during his reign as media mogul, such as Snoop Doggy Dog, or Eminem. If you keep that kind of behavior up, not only will you get kicked out of the college you never attend, but you’ll never amount to anything like the world famous entertainers you are today.

America, today is the day we need to come together and stand united. Some people may say that the only reason parties like this are considered offensive, is because the offendees have little to no sense of humor or reality. This is simply not the case. If we can’t force everyone in our country to stop propagating racial stereotypes then you know what? We’re all racist, and I for one want to live in a colorblind society, where everything is black and white. Good night and good luck.


Reverse Racism and Me

I was going to tell you all about my weekend excursions with Kenny B. But I’m not going to anymore. I’ll summarize it. I went out drunk. I got drunker. There were some super hot coyote ugly bartenders. Police roamed about. Large security force with metal detectors. Country music. Disco music. Rap music. Rock music. Super hot jello shooter girl. I suck at pool. I suck at wrestling games on PS2. We dug up worms. I suck at fishing. I chased a little kid with a decapitated deer head screaming “kiss the deer!” I suck at golf the worst. We got a Christmas tree. That was my weekend. Moving on.

My next topic: racism and why I hate your race. Ok, maybe I don’t hate your race, but I’m about sick and tired of hearing about how white people are keeping black people down. We aren’t. Black people in America: you have a culture based on ignorance and violence, so suck it and go to fucking school. And maybe if you have some extra time, learn to speak English.

Here’s what pissed me off enough to actually break the silence on this issue. It’s a dumb prick by the name of Tom Joyner. He’s this morning talk show host on one of the local black radio stations. I say “black” radio because it’s old school R&B, the sort that white folks don’t normally listen to. But I bet there are people out there who think that me labeling old shitty R&B music as “black” is a racist comment because it’s confining an art form to a race. Well fuck you. It is black music so kiss my ass, hardly any white folks listen to that genre. You know it’s true. And don’t even start with the whole “african american” thing. Screw that. Unless you were born in Africa, you aren’t “African American.” If I’m white, you’re black, end of story.

So Tom Joyner is the biggest racist windbag I have ever heard, and that’s including Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, who I will get to in a minute. Now I have to listen to his show occasionally because Al, the black dude at work, always plays it in his trailer every day. Foxy 107/104, music for grown folks. Yeah, grown folks who can’t think for themselves and need some racist asshole telling them to kill whitey. No offense to Al, he’s actually a really great guy.

Anyway, I’m pretty used to the usual hypocrital bull shit that comes out of this guys mouth. He’s always talking shit about white folks and “the man”, which is also white folks, and how the poor black man is being held down. I can deal with that shit. I know he’s just a racist ass hole who has a job because it’s ok for black people to be racist, but not for white folks. But I recently heard some propaganda of the racial nature that made my jaw drop. I couldn’t believe he had actually said it. Not because it was obviously racist, but because if a white man in the south had said the exact same thing, his career would be over. But of course pricks like Tom Joyner have built careers on such ignorance.

He was talking about the campain race to be president of the USA. As you may know, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are at the front of the democratic parties hopefuls. Tom Joyner was pissed because at the time, Hillary, a white woman, was ahead of Obama, a sort-of-black man. He urged his listeners to go out and vote for Obama because, and I quote, “We got a brother in the race for President. Come on black people, we need to stand united as a community and support our brother in his race.” Whaaaaaaaaaaaat? Fuck you dipshit. You can at least try and make it seem like you support Obama for his politics, not his skin color. If you really wanted to help your black community you might urge them to go read up on the candidates and find out which one supported the views and topics that each one of them supported individually instead of building the black community up as some sort of unified front that neither needs, nor has any individual thought.

Can you even imagine if a white republican had said the same exact thing about Fred Thompson? Or fucking Bush for that matter. Forget you political affiliation for one minute and just imagine if Rush Limbaugh has told his listeners to vote for Fred Thompson because they should feel obligated to support their white community over any political views he might have? It would be a media frenzy. Rush Limbaugh would be fired. Shit, look at how Don Imus got fired for calling a WNBA team a bunch of “nappy headed hoes”. Am I the only one who sees a drastic double standard here. It’s ok for black people to openly promote racial allegiance and partiality, and not only wrong, but possibly illegal for white people to do the same? I’m not promoting racism, I’m just pointing out how incredibly racist the leaders of Black America are. And fuck that shit.

Now on to my two favorite people in America. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. What a bunch of transparent racist losers. They have made names for themselves by attaching their faces to every slightly racially charged current event since they were born. Let’s take for instance the Duke lacrosse rape case. A black stripper from the shitty, predominantly black college of NC Central went to take off her clothes at a duke lacrosse team party. She saw an opportunity to play the race card and falsely accused three Duke students of raping her. It turns out, if I remember correctly, she had seven male DNA samples in her rape kit, and none of them matched the 46 out of 47 lacrosse players who voluntarily gave up their DNA. The one exempt player was black. Sharpton and Jackson were all over that case, they even offered to pay for her college tuition. And the three innocent students were not only kicked out of Duke, but the lacrosse team was disbanded. Now you look stupid don’t you Sharpton and Jackson. Yeah, you jumped on her side cause she was a poor black victim, but it turns out she was just a trashy whore trying to extort money from the rich white boys from the next college over by playing the race card. I never heard a single word from either one of them after it came forth that she was lying. Tools.

Case two: the Jena six. Imagine a bum fuck country town in rural Lousiana. Now imagine that town is racially charged with bad shit happening on both sides of the race line. Ok, so one white kid starts talking shit to a black kid, so he goes and gets five of his buddies and beats the white kid unconcious because of the racial tension. Now imagine 20,000 black people from across the nation rally to try and free these six wrongly imprisoned black kids. Fuck you black America, that was retarded. If six white kids had beaten a black boy unconcious due to racial hostility it would have been labeled a hate crime and they would have been locked up, and you know it. And on top of that, you wouldn’t have found 20,000 white people stupid enough to travel across the nation to march for their freedom. Why? Because white people aren’t allowed to support each other based on race. That and the fact that those six thugs were fucking idiots who lost their temper and now have to pay the fucking price. Deal with it.

Here’s the deal. I’m not sorry your ancestors were enslaved. I’m not sorry your ancestors had to endure the civil rights era. I’m not sorry that shit in America is still tense. I couldn’t give a fuck less about any of the hardships your race has ever endured. Why should I be sorry that my ancestors were far superior to yours? In fact why shouldn’t I be proud of that? The Africans were chucking spears at each other when my people had guns and ships that could sail the Atlantic. My ancestors conquered the globe while yours degenerated into a continent devoured by civil war, and an American culture dominated by ignorance, violence, and the same tribalistic mindset that got you shackled and shipped over here in the first place.

If you really want to keep bitching, pay attention in school, work hard, and make something of yourselves as a culture. You were so close. Many of you succeeded. But the loud bitchy ones are the ignorant ones and I’m sick of it. I’ve put up with too much bull shit for way too long, just shut the hell up cause I don’t care anymore. I won’t be polite. I won’t take shit from you. And I’ll be damned if I’m ever a victim of your crime again.

What crime is that you ask? Well I’ll tell you. I have been the victim of black on white hate crimes. That’s right, white people are the victims now. I was jumped by a gang of black men, beaten in the middle of a convenience store, in front of a camera, and the police did nothing. And this same gang had been patrolling the neighborhood picking out white men and Indian men to beat the shit out of. I was messed up bad. And that wasn’t the only time. Clear cases of racial targeting have happened to me a lot. And not just me, but also to both my little brothers, and to many of my friends. And not only violent crimes either. Almost every time I or anyone close to me has been the victim of crime, it has been at the hands of black people. I’ve had enough.

If it were up to me, I’d get rid of welfare. I’d throw every gang banger in fucking prison on forced labor detail. I’d fix this fucking violence and shut down all the bull shit I’ve put up with for so long. And just once, I want to pop a mouthy bitch right in her fucking lip when she gets all sassy with me and starts wagging her damn finger and bobbing her head. People wonder why the south is full of racism. It’s because the black people are so GD frustrating it’s hard to deal with for long. I dated a girl from New York city who said it’s not the same up there. But that’s how it is here. Obvious racism from black people all the time. And I can’t even fly a rebel flag without being labeled as some KKK member. Screw it all, I’m just sick of the whole situation. I wish people would just leave me the fuck alone. Fuck this situation, fuck your racial pity party, and fuck the racist mindset black America has themselves mired in. Victims? Hell no. Cry me a river bitches.